Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A One On One Can Be Fun!

When two go back and forth things can sure head north. Or maybe they can head south too. Who am I to say at my zoo. East and west may even get put to the test. A little off track, but that we'll now sack.

That was great, man.
Aren't you a fan?
I can't believe it.
That was the shit.

Don't use man, it's human or person.
You are making life for others worsen.
I am also not a fan and that wasn't shit.
I am a person and it was a movie bit.

You are tightly wound.
Were you born in a pound?
Did someone take your toys away?
Boy, you must have had it rough at your bay.

First, don't use boy, as it is kid or child.
You should also speak far more mild.
You shouldn't insult pounds.
Toys are so medieval for children or hounds.

So just toys that squeak?
Did you fall off a peak?
Are you touched in the head?
Maybe one of the walking dead?

Toys that don't teach have no value.
That much should even be known by you.
There are many clinical terms for crazy but touched is not one.
And stop offending the dead as you let your mouth run.

I'm done with the likes of you.
You have no clue.
I hope you fall in a ditch.
There you and the mice can scratch your itch.

Itching is a medical condition that should not be made fun of.
It can lead to a little push or maybe a shove.
And you should not threaten anyone at all.
For that I could give 911 a call.

Wow, an emergency from me.
Now that is something to see.
All from you playing in the ditch.
Maybe it's not an itch but a glitch.

You shouldn't make fun of the handicapped.
Or make fun of people being trapped.
You really need to learn to speak right.
Your sarcasm shows you may never see the light.

Ever have a conversation with a PC nut? They sure can get in a PC rut. Some go well overboard. Maybe they will bungee jump and forget the cord. Whoops, how un-PC of me. Oh look, on PC I took a pee. That shows how much I care about that class. It can also suck on my gas. Maybe it will help gas pass? At least then it will have some use to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Monday, January 22, 2018

That Is A Need For It To Take Seed!

In order to do this or that humans sure become full off umm scat. Or maybe full of placebo and such. Anyway, they are sure off a touch. Not including the rugrats though. We're talking grown humans that show.

I can't write.
Nope, not one bit.
I don't have sunlight.
Can't do it without it.

I can't write.
Nope, not at all.
My chair isn't right.
My poster isn't on the wall.

I can't drive.
I just can't.
I will never survive.
I need my stuffed ant.

I can't drive.
I won't be able to.
I'll take a nosedive.
I'm not wearing something blue.

I can't play.
Nope, not in the least.
For it's Tuesday.
The day I lost my copy of Beauty and The Beast.

I can't play.
Nope, not today.
I lost my way.
A sign not to play.

I can't fly.
No planes for me.
I will surely die.
This morning I didn't pee.

I can't fly.
Not on your life.
It will crash and fry,
Because it's the birthday of my ex-wife.

I can't write.
No a single word.
I need my lucky kite,
And I need to see a bird.

I can't rhyme.
No, not today.
I need to see a mime.
Whoops, I rhymed anyway.

Do you think such umm stupid things at your sea? Need some comfort or "safety" item to get things done for thee? BIG difference between can't and don't want to. Funny how you humans can placebo yourself on cue. Can't write means you lost both arms and feet. Then you can't at your side of the street. Otherwise that is all in your head like getting out of the wrong side of bed. But to each their own as they need their little hula lass. I'll keep on because I can with nothing but my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

What Is That Thing At Our Wing?

The cat usually doesn't join on in but this one even I gave a spin. I stared at it for a good long while. The others did in single file. I may have whacked a few as we all got a good view.

I tried Cass.
She's a mean lass.
She said I was dumb.
Such a rude chum.

So I followed him.
He's quite dim.
But maybe he'd know.
More came in tow.

A whole three.
You don't see me?
I was off to the side.
Camera didn't go that wide.

There it is.
Is there a quiz.
What is that?
A giant rat?

Feed me.
Quiet thee!
Senile cats can so annoy.
 Pat won't let me chase that boy.

The creature is here.
Should I run in fear?
 It looks harmless enough,
Doesn't have an ounce of fluff.

Won't look my way.
How rude, I say. 
Show me that face.
I don't have mace.

Is it taking a crap?
 What a rude chap.
Or maybe just stuck.
That other guy better not duck.

There is it's face.
Is it supposed to be in this place?
What the heck is it?
Good that it didn't take a shit.

Give me food.
 A one track attitude.
Or would that be mind?
Either way, no sharing from my behind.

Do you know what that creature is? Should I put up a quiz? Bigfoot? Rat? Dog? Maybe it can have its own blog. What was that? It got it's fluff shaved where we are at? Pfffft don't believe what Pat tells you. It has to be an alien at our zoo. I just got an eye roll from Cass. But I'm sure you believe my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.