Thursday, August 17, 2017

Odds Of Creation Get A Notation!

Isn't it fun to create? Can be anything that takes the bait. From words to cards to weird plants in yards. All can sure be done. Go for it as long as you find it fun. Don't go for it you are a mime. Fake things is just a crime.

Odds are slim.
Slim and prim.
Prim and proper?
Bah, call a grammar copper.

See? Created?
Is it dated?
That it may be.
Like cards to see.

Christmas ones.
She's got tons.
Birthday ones.
Even for nuns.

Up and up.
Fills her cup.
There is no stopping,
The card cropping.

Made and waiting.
Even after dating.
A new post to show.
Odds sure aren't low.

Movies of old.
There to take hold.
Movies of new.
There are a few.

High are the odds.
Dangling on fishing rods.
Not sinking in the lake.
No need for a double take.

Wait! A paper cut,
There at her hut.
Her finger can't linger.
She may lose the finger.

Ah, now it's the hand.
Odds sure aren't grand.
Wow, the arm too?
What a paper cut can do.

Hey diddle diddle.
Odds are a riddle.
Maybe stuck in the middle.
With no fingers to twiddle.

Odds = Flip Card Open To See
Two Flipping Arms Will Make Them Higher For Thee

Wow, she may need a card after that paper cut. A get well one would do at her hut. Must have been some bacteria filled paper. Maybe it was really an attempted murder caper? The paper cut serial killer. Could be the next thriller. Do you create at your sea? I'm sure some things come to be. Thankfully most paper cuts just get sass from my ever so sassy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

An Odd List That Can't Be Missed!

Lists help here and there and they can be used everywhere. Some write them down each day. Pfffft to that I say. I'll keep them in my head. Saves time and doesn't cause trees dread.

Ten Odds For And Against Blabber. Like A Mime May Stab Her!

1. A deadly disease is caught in her mind. Fake diseases really put her in a bind.
So she runs far far away thinking blogger gave her a disease today.
 I hear they make pills for that. You can trust the cat.

2. A bird pecks her eyes out and she gives a hideous shout.
The shouting scares more birds and they eat her turning her to turds.
That would lower her odds of a new post display by the way.

3. She gets a job that requires more hours in some big NY towers.
Then she worries about the building fall over or tramping in the poop of rover.
Back to the birds she'd go and the crap thing, you know.

4. She goes on vacation and the plane goes boom. Oh the doom.
Fear of flying isn't bad. Saves money at ones pad.
Boom = lower odds as well as one rings their last bell.

5. A list pisses off some stalker fan. They throw her in the back of a van.
Wait, isn't her van still in another place? Oh that was another person's parking space.
Where are the higher odds? Not many to give nods.

6. She takes a "break" again there at her den.
May need to seek out the definition of break should she do a double take.
Probably thinks a robbery is about to occur. That won't make her purr.

7. She starts a new blog then goes back to the old time log.
But take her time in between before skipping back to her old scene.
The cat can recall. Odds are I remember all.

8. She hits it big. Runs away and dances a jig.
The odds go way down as she's from short town.
Yeah, she hit a big fat guy. Splat she goes on the first try.

9. She comes up short and files a short report.
Ideas are in short supply. On short notice away she did fly.
Notice my short retort? Sure didn't come up short.

10. She gets lost an in outhouse museum because to her it's like a coliseum. 
Hopefully not lost down a hole. That would be a nasty goal.
Odds are arriving in and it sure isn't a win.

Odds = Panic Attack
Still Stuck On The Disease Way Back

Ever have a fake disease? Did birds come after you like the breeze? Can a breeze come after you? Are you a blog "break" person at your zoo? Like break for a year. Does an outhouse museum cause you fear? Isn't that a great list? Sure one not to be missed. Now I'll watch the panic attack of that LMF...Jax...excuse me...Jaclyn lass. It is so amusing to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oddly Blue Shining Through!

The odds are blue today. I guess they change color at my bay. Beats red I suppose. He'd cut off your rump and your toes. That pointy stick is mean. Odds are I will now get on with it at my scene.

The odds are blue.
The odds are red.
Both are true,
As he snores in bed.

Whoops, on the couch.
That's just mean.
Must make him a grouch.
Snoring loud enough to rupture a spleen.

Odds go down low,
With a blown up spleen.
But that you know.
Basic anatomy at one's scene. 

Then there are humpers.
They may get payback.
Those crazy wall bumpers,
Like a rocking shack.

Blue fixed their wailing.
They want to keep rockin.
So the wall may be failing,
And they may get Blue if he goes a knockin.

Skinny jeans nuts,
May come a showing.
With their tight butts,
After his showing.

Skinny jean killers.
They hate his hate.
So forget the fillers,
The give him a skinny jean fate.

Bora Bora could come to be.
He may travel across the sea.
Tramp in the waste left by me,
And never come back to see.

School may be in.
Over worked and under paid.
That sure isn't a win,
So blogging may fade.

Whoops, there is a remake.
It's Jaws the reboot.
A post he'll have to bake,
As another movie goes in the trash chute.

Odds = Highly Blue
Remakes, Reboots and Redos In View

Blue shall still be around, unless killer snoring is found. Then he may go to jail for snoring spleen blasting. The movie is already casting. Been to Bora Bora at your sea? Have you tramped in cat pee? Ready for Jaws the remake? Wouldn't doubt it will get a triple take. Are you a skinny jean nut stuck in a skinny jean rut? The cat will now go roll in the green grass, adding another color today to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.