Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I Know, I Know Comes In A Row!

I know, I know. Know what at my show? I know what is best for each of you. Yep, I know it all at my zoo. I know it is best. It beats all the rest. It is best for each and everyone. It must be done.

Away we go,
With an I know, I know.
I know, I know.
An eye roll show.

This is best.
Has such zest.
I need no proof.
Don't be a goof.

Whelmed is bad.
Drives you mad.
Not in your mind.
But don't be blind.

I know, I know.
Not sure how though.
But I know, I know.
So just do and go.

Food you eat.
Meal or treat.
Eat what I say.
Put it on your tray.

Way you work.
Don't be a jerk.
Way you write.
This is how it takes flight.

I know, I know.
A similar flow.
Because I know best.
Forget all the rest.

You have your own,
Your own phone.
Your own body and feet.
Your own demons to defeat.

But I know, I know.
Because I say so.
Do it my way.
You'll never be led astray.

You have your own life.
You have your own wife.
But you'll eat crow,
If you ignore my I know, I know.

Pfffft to anyone who thinks they know what is right for you. Especially when they have no idea if it is true. Plus they haven't ever even gone through your crap. But oh, I know, I know comes from such a chap. Know any of the I know, I knows? Can find them no matter which way the win blows. Those are the types that I tell to go pound sand in mass. I know, I know, I'm not always a nice little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Fake Cheer Needs A Peer!

Everyone is sure cheery as can be. At least more than half at each sea. Is that a difference though? Damned if I know. We'll go with more just because. Now one with the cheery buzz.

Smile and talk.
Walk the walk.
Smile and wave.
Big and brave.

Smile and wink.
Tickled all pink.
Is that a thing?
Oh right, cha-ching.

That we know.
Wallet now low.
Or credit now high.
Well's run dry.

Back to cheer.
Cheer all near.
Cheer all around.
Away not found.

Now on task.
No need to ask.
The cheer to you,
But only in view.

Cheer gone there.
With none to spare.
You really suck.
I hate that fluck.

Oh, you are in view.
I really love you.
How was your day?
Merry at your bay?

I really don't care.
But you're not aware.
I'd rather dish dirt.
Cheer I will skirt.

Did you hear?
They aren't near.
So did you really?
Damn the touchy feely.

They are bad.
No fun is had.
Oh, here they come.
How are you my cheery, chum?

Do you know any that can fake it so well when really they are damning you to Hell? Have to love the fake cheer this time of year. People will go back to themselves soon though. But most likely, you really know. The fake either want to know something or want something from you. What's in in for them it usually comes back to. I'll have cheer when they walk on shards of glass. See? I can be such a cheerful little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Round Sixty Three Comes To Be!

The search engine nuts are still rolling on in. Few and far between for the win. But in they still come and they are strange beating their search drum. Do they beat a drum? Bah, they are probably too dumb.

such an endeavor

Typing that out was? Fingers strain just because?

singing cat oct 2016 hoo

Are you ready to run? I may scare everyone.

ugly ass old lady

No beauty in your eye? Some aren't so spry.

kangaroo "one shoe"

Have to ask Blue. He needs his shoe.

copy cat eat a rat rhyme

Eat a rat
Get rather fat
Eat a rat
You copy cat

having gift

As opposed to? Have you got a clue?

smart as a fart

Gas in the head may leave you rather dead.

such an endeavor

That it is with the gas in the head biz.

final date

That it would be. Done with your gas spree?

Fart books.

I have two. Give a look at your zoo.

bad gas mileage

And why are you telling me? I have gas of another kind at our sea.

Awesome acts of facts

Can facts have acts? May need to search out better facts.

Mine, mine, mine, mine

The voice of a feline. That is just fine.

Animals farts

And back we are to gas not for a car.

You may wish for gas after the winning pass. They are sure looking in the wrong spot as we are a snip snipped lot. But I guess they needed a thrill or some kind of crazy stopping pill.

 0ld 0lld grannie sucking them balls

Doesn't that image sound grand? Don't you want to give them a umm hand? Yeah, I'll stop there. The crazy can sure find my lair. I think zombie feet may beat that image too. Want me to show them to you? On that I'm sure all will take a pass.We'll see who next finds my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.