Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Dumb Parade With No Shade!

They just keep coming. The dumb love their humming. But that is not all they bring. They have to tag along something. What would that be? I challenge for it to be figured out by me.

Challenged we've gone.
No need for that con.
But the dumb brought it back.
Brains they lack.

That is a given.
Beats me how they're livin.
Probably off you.
Maybe me too.

But they can say.
Say to get you to play.
Why do they say?
Because they are they.

You should become they.
That is the way.
Makes them warm and tingly.
They want you to umm mingly.

So don't be a chicken.
The dumb are just pickin.
They don't mean it.
So come and be a hit.

I challenge you too.
Challenge you through and through.
So you have to accept.
Can't prove to be inept.

I put the challenge out there.
So now you are aware.
It is out there for all to see.
Don't you want to do it like me?

I challenge you to walk.
I challenge you to talk.
I challenge you to steal.
I challenge you to skip a meal.

I challenge you to get fat.
I challenge you to go in the road and lie flat.
I challenge you to join my group.
I challenge you to miss the ball in the hoop.

I want you to be like me.
But hey, I'm challenging thee.
So take up my moron ways.
It will get plenty of Youtube replays.

Don't you love idiots who use challenge as a way to make you dumb? Many seem to fall for it as they talk out their bum. Again, what is so challenging about most of that shit? The definition needs to be learned by many a dimwit. But I'll play along after completing my sass. I challenge you, oh so hard, get ready, to leave a comment for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Second None For Fun!

The cat will make this post none. Yep, isn't none fun? You'll see nothing here at all because this is none at my hall. None at all. None at my hall. A repeat none. Isn't that fun?

First was Hank.
Did he walk the plank?
Maybe a ninja attack.
Either way, none gets no flack.

For it is none.
None for fun.
A none run.
Run of the none.

For first don't count.
Nope, not an amount.
Not one bit.
First don't mean shit.

It is none.
None for fun.
None by the ton.
Did we do this run?

None doesn't exist.
Are you pissed?
You got none.
It's not like one.

It is none.
One none is fun.
Three nones is fun.
Stack them up when done.

They don't exist.
So won't be missed.
But that is the way.
None is out to play.

Play with you.
Yep, it's true.
Truth in the none.
Isn't that fun?

None's the way.
That's what you say.
Second gets best.
First fails the test.

Why is that?
Beats the cat.
For none just has fun.
This post is second to none.

Get where I was going with my showing? Are you confused? Yeah, that would make me amused. How can something be second to none? Can be second to one, but second to none? Isn't being second to something that doesn't exist fun? I think we should stick with first as the pass. No second to none-ing for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, March 16, 2018

All In View Are After You!

Did you see that? It was a cat. It may have been me. It may have been we. How are you to know? You see the wind blow? Now mother nature is after you. What are you to do?

That shadow is alive.
How will you survive?
It's watching you.
It is very true.

That rock knows as well.
That curtain raises hell.
That guy walking by...
I know he is a bad guy.

That hat on your head...
That sheet over the bed...
That flag flying in the air...
Those strands of ass hair...

They see me.
They are up a tree.
They are there too.
Wherever there is a view.

They are after me.
After me and my tree.
I can't live like this.
Did you hear that hiss?

They are after my money.
It so isn't funny.
They are after my job.
Me they want to rob.

They are after my house.
I see you...mouse.
You aren't getting me.
You or that fuzzy bee.

They want in.
They think it sin.
They watch everything I do.
It is very very very true.

She is against me.
Along with anyone you'd call he.
Heck, even everyone you'd call she.
I can't live free.

Everyone is out to get me.
I'm telling the truth to thee.
Wait, you are out to get me too.
It's a conspiracy that's true.

Pfffft is all the cat can say. A nut like this actually came our way. She thought everyone and everything were out to get her. The lines sure did blur. Or maybe that was her brain as it went on the nonsense train. Ever have to deal with a conspiracy nut who's all about me? Were they right saying they were being targeted by thee? That would probably be a no that came to pass. How such dumb people survive the day sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.